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A Peek into KKIOC 2023 Easter Party

Easter marks the resurrection of Christ, without which there may not be the Christian faith. The moment the Angels came with the news that Jesus has been resurrected, His divinity and our salvation became real. He died on the cross to pay for our sins and promised us a new life in heaven. KKIOC approached the Lent season and Easter with grateful hearts as we united in Christ.

KKIOC is very proud of our team members who volunteered tirelessly to organize various events leading to Easter, followed by the Easter egg hunt. Prior to Easter, we held a Lenten Fish Fry on March 24th at our Parish, St. Philip Benizi church. KKIOC members divide and conquer the kitchen at the Parish hall as one handled frying a whole fish, another frying fish sticks, some packing up the food to go while others prepared it fresh to dine in at the hall. It was a very successful event attended by the Parish community, not just KKIOC.

In celebrating the resurrection of Christ on Easter, we invited the children to learn a song to perform at the end of the mass. Jesus loves children and we want the children in our community to learn about Easter, and how we can serve him. They practiced and sang really well that day, a memory they will surely cherish. Then we invited everyone to join the KKIOC bazaar, a fundraising event to support our Sunday school and teen program. KKIOC team created a Google form with lists of food to preorder, but there are some food only offered on the spot. The teens also helped at the bazaar, which was a wonderful opportunity for them to serve and be part of the community.

The Easter egg hunt was celebrated the following week at a regional park. We had a team member who brought food, eggs, and lots of fun-filled activities but not without prayers. As we strengthen our bond as an Indonesian community, we foster a relationship with Christ for our children in hopes that they will continue to grow and walk with Jesus.

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