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Christmas Celebration at KKIOC with Santa

Updated: Feb 25

We are so blessed to have a solid team at KKIOC who worked together to create beautiful Christmas memories. KKIOC is granted the use of the church at St. Philip Benizi Fullerton on Christmas Day. So on December 25th, on the birth day of our Jesus Christ, we have a couple who walked as Mary and Joseph carrying baby Jesus to the mass. What a special memory for children who attended the mass, especially since St. Philip Benizi decorated the altar so beautifully.

We have guest Chaplains who led the mass with Romo Sebastian Mulu, our Chaplain, who makes a very grand entrance. The children from Sunday School performed the "Happy Birthday Jesus" song. After mass, the chairs in the hall have been arranged toward the front of the room where Santa will come and deliver his presents. Here, the Pre-teens and teens played beautiful mixed instruments of the "Silent Night" with an Indonesian traditional instrument called Angklung, violin, and keyboard.

The adults followed with a very entertaining dance session, in which Romo happily obliged to follow the rhythm. While everyone waits in line to grab a plate, the teenagers are tirelessly collecting recyclable bottles around the hall. Santa finally came and carried a bag of wrapped presents for the children! Granted, everyone knows he's using a fake beard, but we are all about sharing happiness in the world!

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