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Pre-Teens & Teens Gathering, Volunteering, and Scholarship

Today, Preteens gathered for the first time. And it turned really fun !!! We start the volunteering day with a welcoming and putting name tags at the Senior Gathering Event. Then the preteens helped the teens prepare and serve lunch for seniors during the gathering. After volunteering, we went to the Youth room and started playing games. We also learned how to pray Rosary. After that, we went to Recycling Center to recycle the cans and bottles. We learned from the teens how to process the recyclables and sell it. The proceeds go to various charities. Then we went back to St. Philip Benizi for Indonesian mass. Lastly, we celebrate October birthdays with our friends!

~Preteens team ❤️

Below is a picture of our recycling volunteer program. Aside from this, some pre-teens and teens also volunteered at Mary's Kitchen in Anaheim. It’s a non-profit organization that has been helping people who are not only homeless but also in need. Some of the teens utilize these volunteering opportunities to fulfill their school's volunteer program. We cannot be more proud of them and also the parents who volunteered to supervise them.

The Pre-teens and Teens ministry also have a scholarship program that opens from October 2023 to April 2024 for those in 4th grade to college students. Last day to submit is April 30, 2024. Click the link below for full information and feel free to join us for Indonesian mass on the second and fourth week every month!

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